Plaza Solymar – 24 Hour Square

Plaza Sol y Mar, or 24 HR Square as it is better known, is the centre of nightlife for the younger and more energetic in Benalmadena. Not actually open 24 Hours a day, the square got its name originally from the 24Hr Cafe and 24HR Supermarket that were situated where there are now a perfume store and Mister Noodles franchise, but if you want to stay out dancing until 7am most nights then this is the place to come.

The Marina has plenty of restaurants, bars and discotheques but parties at a more sedate pace than “the Square”, and the drinks are often cheaper here than the port which suits the youthful crowd very well as vacation budgets never stretch as far as expected.

Both residents and visitors fill the Square from around 10pm and continue to file in through to 1am or so when the party gets to full pace with a great combination of bars from the famous Linaker’s fun pub to Mango’s where the music is second to none and the atmosphere takes some beating.

St. Andrews is themed towards golfers and sports lovers but is most famous for its Karaoke every night, whilst Molly Mallones is a fantastic Irish themed pub with great music and party atmosphere all night.

Myriad other bars on both sides of the square offer such a range of experiences you need to walk around and find the one that suits you best, whether high octane fun in BAR KUI or chilling out on the terrace of Beer Keller, or of course there are the strip bars around the corner for those guys, and galls, that want to turn the temperature up to Red Hot.

There are many PR’s for both the clubs and adult venues that will try hard to tempt you into their place with cheap offers and a winning smile, and this can sometimes be intimidating, but if you remember they are trying to promote their employers  bar and will not try to upset you. A simple “No Thanks” a few times will do the job or of course take the cheap deals from every PR and try each bar out in turn with some cheap offers or free shots in every one. The local Police station is situated next door to St. Andrews at the entrance to the square so the safety and security of party-goers is paramount to both the bar owners and local authorities.

For those who enjoy the mandatory Pizza or Kebab after a great night on the booze, there are a dozen eateries to choose from, all of which offer some tasty treats for soaking up of alcohol before the walk of shame as the sun comes up after another fantastic night in Benalmadena.