Plaza Ole

A real Hidden Gem, right on the beach yet so close to 24HR Square you can smell the kebab shops, this is a delightful place with tree lined Bandstand in the centre surrounded by a world of bars and restaurants to suit almost every taste. Originally built by a British developer who wanted to create a little piece of Benalmadena Pueblo here on the coast, this was an amazingly popular square with music and Flamenco most days playing in the square funded by the local bars and patrons. However over the years many British owners have taken over the bars and do not seem to work together as the Spanish once did and the bars have to survive on their own individual talents now rather than as part of a destination as it once was. This has meant that some of the bars have really uplifted their game and give a fantastic offer whilst others have found it difficult to survive.

If anywhere in Benalmadena deserves the support of locals and visitors it is this lovely little square. It is safe for children to run around, only a few metres from the beach down a flight of stairs, less than 2 minutes from the Marina, only 1 minute from Plaza Sol y Mar (24HR Square) and has a car park right next door so no need to worry about walking for miles to visit, even from miles away.

The long standing bars and eateries have developed a regular clientele of both locals and tourists from all around the world and they are always welcoming to new faces, so if you are a t a loss for where to go as a Golf widow, when the kids are on the beach or when the better half is having a shampoo and set, this is the place to come for a warm welcome and a great time.

For the lovers of the Gee Gee’s and other sports, there are a number of bars close to Plaza Ole which are well suited to your chosen pastime, with the “Green ‘un” just up the hill towards the main road, “Lewis’s” Irish bar overlooking the Plaza from the main road and Norris’ famous “Looneys” Bar next door where the odd flutter can be enjoyed.

Buddy's Bar

Saints & Sinners