Plaza Bonanza

Plaza Bonanza, conveniently situated between the coast and the main shopping area of Arroyo, is home to more than a dozen bars and restaurants, mostly British and Irish with a touch of Chinese and Spanish for variety. This square is one of the longest standing places for UK tourists to meet and eat over the past 30 years and has been the centre of a million great memories as one can see from a quick search of TripAdvisor and Google, but it is far from tired and remains a great place to breakfast after a long night out or to enjoy that long night out after a tasty meal. Close to Minerva and Jupiter apartment blocks with hundreds of vacation apartments utilised by British tourists throughout the year, this Plaza (Square) is never a dead zone regardless of the time of year or season. The trees lining the centre of the square give a little colour and aroma and provides a little shade for those not worshipping the sun all day, whilst each of the bars and eateries has its own personality making this another little gem of a place to visit on any trip to Benalmadena.