Los Porches

Every visitor to Benalmadena entering by coach on the way from the airport to their hotel used to pass this cracking little set of bars and restaurants before the new motorway was built, so it was never missed as it can be today since the traffic mainly enters the town from above the village of Arroyo and comes down to deposit visitors at the start of their vacation.

It is such a shame as the bars here are only a few metres from 24HR Square, 2 minutes from the beach and have a range of offers that are well worth the few steps away from the road most travelled. A little hidden gem if you like crazy Irishmen, fantastic Indian food or great tapas. This small block of bars and eateries have been responsible for a million great memories over the decades and should always be kept in mind when deciding where to go for a few beers on a sunny terrace or a curry that will send your taste buds into another world.

There are a couple of Chinese restaurants just a few yards from Los Porches that locals argue about all the time as to which is the best one. What it matters when they both do a 3 course meal for less than 5€ I really don’t understand. but one thing is sure and that is the food at both is very good and whether you stick to the “Menu del dia” at a fiver or crack open the full menu and spend a few pennies more you will not be disappointed.