X Adult Entertainment

Spain has a history of being very liberal and is home to over 16,000 gentleman’s clubs, 10,000 strip clubs and many local swingers clubs, GLBT bars, Drag Shows and recently Coffee Bars serving Cannabis to adults in a legal bar environment.

Some of this attitude is changing over time as the country becomes more open to divorce and less pressure is placed on men and women to remain in marriages which have broken down which was at the core of the social acceptance of adult services.

Benalmadena has no shortage of very high quality adult venues from exclusive Villas offering beautiful environment and even more beautiful ladies through to adult swingers venues where a growing number of both Spanish and international couples come to meet up. The area also is home to some lower cost adult entertainment venues which seem to serve more of the Stag Party and Golfing groups on a boozy night out. There are very few risks associated with the adult entertainment scene in Benalmadena, unlike other places in the world, as the venues are policed quite well and the businesses are well established giving a greater sense of security than enjoyed elsewhere.

In nearby Torremolinos and Fuengirola there are even larger venues offering such a broad selection of experiences some golfers leave their clubs parked with the car in their home country as they have little time for golf.